Gene Hallinan, Overland Park Regional

“We heard only excellent comments from everyone. Thank you!”

–Gene Hallinan, Overland Park Regional Medical Center

Jennifer Gudenkauf, Gentiva Health

“We love having our events with you! Your staff makes everyone feel so at ease. Everyone goes out of their way to be helpful!”

–Jennifer Gudenkauf, Gentiva Health

Rosanne Rosen

“I wanted to compliment you and your staff on the tremendous job you did. As a former event planner, I was so impressed on the professionalism of your staff and the attention to detail. I especially want to commend our on-site manager that evening. He did a terrific job and knew just what to do and when it needed to be done. One of the ‘smaller’ things he did was to make sure the bride’s dress was perfect before she walked down the aisle. It was a small thing and I was the only one who noticed; however, it made a strong impact because he cared how she looked and knew how important it would be when it came time for pictures. No one needed to be reminded of the what to do and when to do it. Kudos to you and the staff at the Ritz Charles!”

–Rosanne Rosen

Lacy Mahlandt, Bride

“Thank you for everything–Our reception could not have been more amazing!”

–Lacy Mahlandt, Bride

Brendan Dowd, Institute for Management Studies

“The entire staff there is amazing and makes my life so much easier! You really ‘saved the day’ for me in December when we had an unexpected need for a computer and had to get a Power Point by email. Keep up the good work!”

–Brendan Dowd, Institute for Management Studies

Ryan Newton, Kansas State University

“Thank you so much for your help in planning and executing our K-State Celebrates event at your beautiful facility. Everything was perfect from the facility to the wait staff– we were very pleased. We are looking forward to a continued working relationship with the Ritz Charles and hope to have many great year together in the future.”

–Ryan Newton, Kansas State University

John & Susan Saxer, Parents of the Bride

“We wanted to thank you and everyone at the Ritz Charles for making Melissa and Scott’s wedding reception a wonderful celebration! The room looked beautiful, the food delicious, and everything was setup as we requested. You and the staff were so very kind. We would recommend the Ritz Charles to anyone!”

–John & Susan Saxer, Parents of the Bride